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    áo vải màn hình in truyền nhiệt , nó được sản xuất bằng cách in màn hình và được sử dụng cho áo.

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    Flock nhiệt chuyển nhãn dán, nó được sản xuất bằng in màn hình. Nó có thể được trong vòng 4 màu và thân thiện với môi trường. Nó thường được áp dụng cho tất cả các loại vải như áo thun, túi xách, quần áo trẻ em ...

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    bọn trẻ Càng s mặc in offset truyền nhiệt, nó được sản xuất bằng in offset. nó có thể đầy màu sắc và thân thiện với môi trường. nó thường được áp dụng cho tất cả các loại trẻ em Càng mặc như cotton, nylon, vv

What patterns fit for plastisol ink?


Qingyi plastisol ink can be used for direct manual printing, mechanical printing, can also be used for heat transfer screen printing, PVC plastisol ink, can print plane, three-dimensional effects and other special products. Before using plastisol ink, we should pay attention to a variety of situations,only be prepared,then we can maximize plastisol ink advantages. Qingyi manufacturers here introduce for you,what patterns fit for plastisol ink.

Plastisol ink can print any pattern, but printing hiding power fine patterns and three-dimensional  pattern is the unique advantage, which is determined by plastisol ink properties. Plastisol ink does not plug dots, making printing fine patterns is becoming easier, even if print 0.2mm lines on the dark fabric or print 60 lines dots are not a problem.

Plastisol ink companred with other printing paint have another advantage,its solid content get to 100%, so plastisol ink thickness is the curing thickness,as long as you can make a thick enough screen printing template, then a version you can print the same thickness  three-dimensional graphics.However other textile printing coatings, regardless of water or solvent, the solids content below 60%, or even about 5%, water or solvent evaporation, after curing figure thickness is only with its solid content. 

What is the relationship between plastisol ink printing and digital technology?

Plastisol ink is mainly used in printing outlets, especially in spot color printing.Left digital computer technology, Pattern colors separation and screening will become very difficult. Therefore, it’s relying on digital computer technology rapidly development,dot printing has been popular. 

CMYK four-color dot has become a very convenient and simple thing. Anyone with basic computer skills can easily convert computer color image to CMYK mode, and then set lines number, angles, dot shapes, print or phototypesetting film in the output settings (page settings) can be done it. 

Spot color dot printing is the most dominant technology in plastisol inks, Spot dot color separation is digital technology for plastisol inks special  developed technology,as in paper printing and textile materials printing don’t need this. However plastisol ink because it has both hiding power and can be finely printed,therefore, it has the condition  printing dot patterns on the colored fabrics.Now, need to solve color separation software problem, which in the T-shirt industry's most developed United States took the lead in being resolved. Has been introduced FastFilms and SpotProcess two sets of spot color printing separation software.If you don’t have spot color printing separation software,need to do spot color printing will be very complex and troublesome.

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