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Custom Heat Transfer Stickers For Clothing
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PET film development in new field.


Over the years, The use of PET film is becoming more widely,processors, heat transfer manufacturers and some small private business are in use. But no one is perfect, the same as product. Therefore, development new areas about  PET film is imminent.

As customers use PET film for a long time, some people find that some materials  adhesion is unstable, brightness and color is dim, degeneration is big, and peeling is relatively tight. These problems are always puzzling everyone. If a little careless, it will lead to the effect can’t print out, then the entire production line needs to be rework, this will bring a great losses to manufacturers.

Because of this, Qingyi heat transfer R & D team through many difficulties, the aim is"bring value to customers",resorted to numerous solutions, after multiple failures, and finally break their own bottlenecks, to solve PET film stability can’t be controlled this shortcoming, give customers "three hearts": Reliable purchase, ease production, intentions results.

Which technical parameters are divided into the following categories.
For heat transfer types: A.B.C.D.E.F professional-level heat transfer;
For printing industry: screen printing, offset printing, gravure and flexo series hot peeling flat heat transfer products;
For heat transfer series materials: oily materials (JBW series heat transfer ink, HMA529,530,531 series heat transfer glue), water-based materials (301,305 series heat transfer paste), weak material (transfer printing ink, etc.);

For heat  transfer series: cotton, chemical fiber, cotton blended fabrics, EVA, non-woven fabrics, leather and other heat-resistant fabrics;

After many years research and development,Qingyi found that these product characteristics are the most important:
First: Eco-friendly, no pollution.
In the choose products material, give full consideration to environmental factors, the materials is organic compounds, in line with national environmental standards.
Second:Raw materials  is made by ourself.
 The main raw materials are production and synthesis by Qingyi heat transfer company's, in the case of quality first, entirely under control by our company. Therefore, we can adjust the viscosity, solid content, liquidity, peeling force and so on according to the user's demand.
Third:Excellent coating adhesion.
Coating adhesion and peel strength before heat press need to control in the 3.5N-4N, better than any previous similar products,avoid the previous similar products pull flowers, dropped powder, piebald issues.
Fourth:Inking performance is good.
This product after offset printing, screen printing process using contrast, after printing color layer is smooth,outlets reducibility is very good, beautiful colors, etc., through batch use, there is no happened non-inking phenomenon.
Fifth:Heat press temperature adapt to a wide range.
This product heat press adapt range temperature is more than 10 degrees compared with traditional products(Traditional is 135-150 degree) can be increased to 120-145 degrees, which can save electricity bill, shorten heating time and improve heat press efficiency. The heat press time is similar with tradition hot peeling products.
Sixth:Heat press surface effect.
This product after heat press, the surface effect compared with similar products, glossy surface effect is  excellent,beautiful image rendering effect.
Seventh:Screen printing technology adapt to a wide range.

In the traditional heat transfer products, each manufacturer's use technology, ink materials and other indicators are vary, resulting in frequent happen matching process problems, resulting in a lot of inconvenience to everyone; in the development of 1183 products, Qingyi engineer taking full account of many factors, try to expand the scope of products,to enhance its anti-variable performance. The product is resistant to common solvents,have a strong solvent absorption capacity. Which can block the strong solvent to release layer damage.

PET film have a very wide range, large to water-based screen printing ink at all levels heat transfer products, as small to other various special heat transfer sticker,heat transfer printing substrate etc.
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